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Residential Tree Removal in Fairfield, CT

Our 33 Ton National Boom Truck is our most versatile machine, tree jobs, HVAC work, truss setting, man basket hoisting, you name it, the 33 can do it.  In fact this tree job was one of 2 this day that we did with the 1400 that was photographed by National Crane for one of their marketing campaigns to show the versatility this crane possesses.  The pictures you see here appear courtesy of National Crane.

This job took place in Fairfield, CT at a residential home.  Arboreal Tree Service was commissioned to remove a triple stem Hemlock Tree.  The tree was in the back yard, the crane had to set up in the driveway and reach over the garage.  The long boom on the 33 Ton allows us to fit into tight spaces where putting on a jib is impossible.  The next size crane that could perform a task like this without putting a jib on is a 70 Ton.  Using a 33 Ton boom truck, rather then a 70 is a significant savings for both the tree company and the customer.



Crane Service Fairfield CT for Tree Removal