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Welcome to A Quick Pick Crane & Rigging Service - Connecticut

At A-Quick Pick Crane & Rigging Service we pride ourselves on being the very best rental house Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts has to offer. We supply knowledgeable advice and consultation on all your hoisting and rigging needs.

Quick: Able to serve our customers at a moments notice, 24 hours a day

Clean: We take pride in maintaining our equipment to the highest standards

Professional: Experienced crane operators and riggers

Safe: No accidents in over 25 years in business. Scheduled crane and rigging inspections.

Reliable: Family Owned and Operated since 1984

● Indoor/Outdoor Storage for large equipment

● Manned or Bare Rental

● Accurate measurements and estimates to provide you with the right equipment, on time, for the right price.

States which we can provide full crane and rigging service; all machinery and licensed, union operators:
Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts

States which we can provide Rough Terrain, Tower, and Crawler Cranes for bare rent:
Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virgina

There’s no job too small or no job to big…if we can’t do it we will be happy to point you in the right direction. To speak to one of our staff about your needs call: 203-924-2000 Or to request a quote online, click below:

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